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DevOps Solutions For Digital Government Services to Reduce Downtime, Enable Agility and Ease of Implementation and Maintenance

Digital Government



This Digital Government Foundation operates a public digital platform and encourages public-private co-creation and scaling.  The platform provides citizen services at scale and speed.  

We helped this Client:

  • Prepare a Strategy to re-imagine, co-design and engineer their automated testing capabilities.

  • Automate testing of incremental builds through an automated system dubbed Deployment Pipeline.

  • Implement DevOps solutions and automate pipelines to eliminate redundancy and allow rapid product iterations.



Solution scope included:

  • CI/CD Automation for fast deliveries 

  • DevOps Implementation

  • TAT Improvement

  • Deployment pipeline for test automation

  • SecDevOps for Security systems for relevant government agencies

  • Improve flexibility in implementing services

  • Improved maintenance of micro services

  • Improved collaboration across government departments

  • Pricing logic and contracts 

  • Provider master database 

  • Customer support 

  • System records and updates 

  • Tech stack for process improvement 


Implementation Agility

Better collaboration, improved transparency and automation, empowered eGov to implement solutions to states much faster. 

Reduced Downtime

Thought out process automation across all stages of development, within IT and DevOps, helped to significantly bring down maintenance time.



Transparency between operations and development teams brought front clarity. This empowered developers and support teams to manage apps effectively. 

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