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Infrastructure Performance Management

Digital Dashboard with real-time data updates and insight driven analysis and display covering multiple parameters across a large infrastructure



This leading Global Renewable Energy corporation develops products related to production of energy from renewable sources. 

Business needed a comprehensive monitoring, analysis and response platform to assure infrastructure health, performance and response. 

We helped this Client:

  • Ideate, Design and implement a  WindSCADA SiteWebView Platform with an intuitive interface for displaying real-time wind turbine parameters

  • Platform designed to include assets information parameters for monitoring, and analyzing real-time, operational and historical data




  • Efficient solution using Memorization in React components for enhanced performance and caching as needed without any unnecessary fetch and re-render

  • Socket transport load balancing to handle live data streams via socket IO connections  

  • Live Big-Data updates in grid (Data -table)  supported by a bespoke algorithm, renders data in real-time with no lags

  • Monitoring, tracking and analysis of every infrastructure component's memory and performance



Client requirement - track data for 250+ wind turbines. 

The platform can seamlessly track 450+ wind turbines.


Platform can handle 5000 alarms, without lag, at a frequency of 1 second.


Platform updates turbine data each second - real-time data always.


  • Best practice framework aligned Code compliant with quality parameters    

  • Easy Extensibility, exceeded customer expectation in time to market  

  • Cost saving due to faster turn around on new screens.

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