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Lending Platform

A cloud-based automated loan and mortgage services platform



A leading cloud-native digital lending platform offering services for retail, wholesale, and correspondent lenders

We helped this Client:

  • Automate Engineering and Performance Testing process using the contemporary technologies and tools.

  • Leverage automation to test scalability under several scenario workloads.



We helped enhance Engineering and Capability by:

  • Performing a deep assessment of tools and frameworks for Automation of Performance Testing process; client accepted our recommendation of Selenium with Hybrid framework and JMeter 

  • Implementing a framework to make processes user-friendly so engineers and business partners understand underlying scripts  

  • Enabling client side review of all scripts for accuracy  


  • Automated end-to-end scenarios. 

  • Framework to reduce redundancy and maintenance.

  • Ability to run processes (and underlying scripts) in segments as well as end to end.

  • Maximized scenario coverage with automation.

  • Extensible framework for new environments.

  • User editable data sheets.

  • Report generation for every script.

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