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Digital Marketing Platform and Process Mining to drive effective marketing campaigns, lower marketing waste and eliminate analysis errors

Specialty Retail
Digital Marketing Platform 



Leading specialty retailer of musical instruments offering best-in-class instruments, accessories and music lessons. 

We helped this Client:

  • Ideate, design and implement a marketing platform

  • Platform business specifications include the ability to track and understand customer trends and create bespoke customer centric campaigns

  • Manage and value target  marketing costs by using the platform to evaluate campaign and spend performance using data driven analysis in dashboards



We delivered a full feature Platform including:

  • Designed, Configured and Implemented a customer consolidation process using InfoSphere Discovery and IBM InfoSphere MDM

  • Mapped and loaded data via InfoSphere DataStage.

  • Data and analytics rich marketing  data-warehouse.

  • Customized and configured a Marketing Platform using IBM Unica Campaign 



Increase profit/ purchase response rate


Reduced Marketing Costs


Projected process efficiency in within 4 years

  • Sophisticated analytics highlighted customer contact preferences helping to avoid complaints with email marketing

  • Reduced marketing costs by eliminating duplicate emails, flyers, and coupons sent to the same customer.

  • Increased profits/purchase response by building targeted campaigns based on customer interest and browse and purchase behavior while eliminating/improving underperforming campaigns.

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