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Paperless Digital User Access and Inventory Management System for Controlling Access of File Servers, Active Directory, Operating Systems, and Application/Subscriptions


Digital User Access Management



This Pharma industry client needed to manage, control and assure user access.


We helped this Client develop a digital access management Strategy including:

  • Designing a digital solution for comprehensive user access and inventory management, enabling better command, control, compliance regarding access to any device, facility, and tools.

  • Creating a learning management system to empower  documentation, tracking and training needs.

  • Building a full-feature mobile application with inventory configuration, audit, and reporting capabilities. 



Solution scope included:

  • Create and Modify Access Requests

  • Custom Configurable workflow

  • Approval Delegation

  • Bulk Upload for Legacy Data

  • Device and Application Inventory Configuration

  • Inventory Review and Audit

  • Pricing logic and contracts

  • Providers master database

  • R reporting system

  • Role-Based Menu Access.

  • Customer support

  • System records and updates

  • Inbuilt Audit Trail

  • Inventory Template

  • Custom Email Template

  • Consideration for training needs

  • Reporting for Auditors 


34 +

Plants on this Scalable Solution  ​


Reduction in time to Approve from 4 days to 1 day


ReducedAudit Cycle from 5 days to 1/2 a day with automated audit and event reporting


Risk Management

  • The Access Management Software is built to support to provide access risk management, compliance, business assurance and audit needs

  • All engineering documentation complies with Pharma industry requirements 

  • Design and development assures compliance with ISO 9001:2015 certification standards

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