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Manage Risk to

Assure Outcomes

Engage CLR80 for enterprise wide Digital Risk Management. 


Engagements are led by Principals with decades of experience in framing digital risks and delivering risk management capabilities for a Digital enterprise. 


Create reliable, repeatable and measurable customer experience and business outcomes across enterprise platforms, services, products, infrastructure and operations.


Whether you select a bespoke Engagement or Risk Sprints, you will identify how to shift your enterprise digital risk management to the next-level of reliability and assurance. 


CLR80 frameworks and methods are designed to be fast paced, action oriented, immersive experiences for decision leaders. 


Create an enterprise wide digital risk strategy with a clear plan of action and success criteria to drive management, compliance, reporting and assurance.  


RAMP UP              2   weeks

DIGITAL RISK      2   weeks +

HAND OFF           1    week

Bespoke engagements are suitable for complex needs or firms in the early stages of digital maturation. Risk Sprints deliver high quality outcomes in iterations using a compressed time frame.  In both delivery methods you will:


Develop an actionable digital risk management framework using CLR80 digital enterprise risk management Frameworks.  


Characterize risks and uncertainties by applying extensible and adaptable open standard assessment tools within a comprehensive enterprise wide digital risk framework or study your risk management needs as a platform business or manage risks within specific processes, products, services or digital experiences. 


Profile your enterprise objectives, uncertainties, risks and processes to determine engagement scope,  context and Sprint cadence (if applicable); and, prepare an enterprise risk management framework customized for your Digital needs and aspirations. 


Experience immersive review and decision workshops with senior risk, compliance and assurance leaders to review and apply frameworks, assess alternatives, examine risk priorities and prepare a plan of action and agree risk management outcomes and metrics.

Digital Risk Management

CLR80 Digital Risk Principals will:

  • Help you identify uncertainties within your digital enterprise and how to assure outcomes and value for your customers and enterprise. 


  • Work with you to apply CLR80 risk assessment and framing tools to help you create an extensible risk management framework for your digital enterprise. 


  • Guide your analysis and choices to define value and assurance opportunities and make choices. 


  • Assist in preparing a risk management maturation and development plan and an accompanying assurance roadmap.

  • Prepare and deliver a toolkit inclusive of  assessments, decisions and action plans for  monitoring, re-application and maintenance. 


  • Offer you high quality execution related services and support through our Delivery Partners. 


  • Be available for executive support past the completion of a Sprint or Engagement . 


  • Check in with you on a mutually agreeable schedule to support your Digital risk management execution plan and address any additional needs. 

Risk Management Delivered

Illustrative Engagements  

  • Built a bespoke enterprise wide risk management framework and underlying management processes and risk OKR reporting for a large global FinTech infrastructure operator.   

  • Performed Global enterprise wide Digital Risk, Compliance,  Assurance, Security, Privacy and Continuity Assessments for several FinTech, Banking and Capital Markets companies using customized open source frameworks including ISO, NIST, COBIT, COSO among others. 

  • Delivered a GDPR readiness Assessment for the Digital operations of a Global Life Sciences firm. 

  • Assisted Global businesses with pre-authorization readiness assessments, preparation and application with Global Regulators in US, EU, Asia and Brazil.

  • Designed Frameworks and prepared Roadmaps to help global organizations with enterprise wide GRC (governance, risk and compliance) implementations in conformity with ISO, NIST and COBIT guidelines. 

  • Worked with several CFTC and SEC regulated entities to assess and assure compliance with system and cyber security safeguards using bespoke assessment tools derived from open standards including SOC1/2, COBIT, NIST-CSF, PCI-DSS among others. 

  • Delivered rational GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) Strategies and maturation Roadmaps across the three lines of defense to build GRC into the  design and operations of the firm with control and reporting as a native outcome of business activities

Adi Agrawal is the Managing Partner at CLR80.  He leads our Partners and Principals in helping Boards and Executive Officers frame, execute and deliver Digital initiatives across Strategy, Execution, Growth, Engineering, Performance and Risk Management.

Adi has distilled decades of experience as a high performing executive leader Global Fin-Tech companies into frameworks, decision tools and performance measures which help our clients identify and deliver outcomes quickly and efficiently. 


His digital leadership experience includes executive roles: Chief Transformation Officer at a systemically important FinTech firm; Head of Risk and Assurance for a highly resilient Global Digital Markets platform holding company; and, Head of IT for a Healthcare management solutions firm.

Adi has earned an MBA in Economics and Finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and an MS in Computer Science from the SUNY Polytechnic Institute.  

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