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Drive Performance

with OKRs 

Engage CLR80 to build out your OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to drive superior Performance. Use our Engineering and Financial Valuation support for your Digital acquisitions. 


All engagements are led by Principals with decades of experience in Asset Valuation; Mergers & Acquisition and deal support; Digital, Operational and Financial due diligence; and,  strategic metrics to elevate your digital capabilities. 


Whether you aspire to organically shift your enterprise to the next-level of digital capability or need support with digital acquisitions or divestitures, CLR80 frameworks and methods are designed to be fast paced accelerators for your strategic execution.  


Create a performance strategy with the right metrics and insights to drive business outcomes across enterprise platforms, services, products, infrastructure and operations.


RAMP UP      2   weeks

OKRs              2   weeks +

HAND OFF    1   week

Bespoke engagements are suitable for complex needs or firms in the early stages of digital maturation. Sprints deliver high quality outcomes in iterations using a compressed time frame.  In both delivery methods you will:


Develop an actionable performance management strategy using CLR80 OKR Frameworks.  


Apply a Digital Objectives Framework to examine Key Objectives and corresponding Key Results or expected outcomes. 


Participate in a ramp up to profile your enterprise and determine Sprint scope and context; and, help us prepare a Framework customized for your specific needs and aspirations. 


Experience immersive workshops with digital strategy and operations leaders to review and apply frameworks, assess alternatives, identify value accretive Objectives and Key Results and prepare a plan of action to design and operationalize value metrics and deliver a robust Performance management capability.  

Digital Performance

CLR80 Digital Performance Principals will:

  • Help you identify your key Objectives and Key Results (value measures) for your Digital investments and processes to help you measure value and outcomes.   


  • Work with you to apply Frameworks and Tools to help you create an extensible OKR framework for your enterprise. 


  • Guide your analysis and choices to identify measures and activities that drive Key Results that are value accretive to your Objectives. 


  • Assist in forecasting outcomes, defining success criteria and preparing execution plans.

  • Prepare and deliver a toolkit inclusive of Objectives, Key Results, Metrics, Assessments, Decisions and Action Plans for monitoring, re-application and maintenance. 


  • Offer you high quality execution related services and support through our Delivery Partners. 


  • Be available for executive support past the completion of a Sprint or Engagement . 


  • Check in with you on a mutually agreeable schedule to support your performance management plan or address any additional needs. 

Performance Delivered

Illustrative Engagements  

  • Created a dashboard for two national Indian banks by integrating a web-portal with Finacle to manage and review infrastructure capital projects.

  • Built a Single Source of Intelligent Truth and actionable Insights for a leading payment solutions provider in India to help them understand the utilization of their payment devices and to measure the operational performance of the support system. 

  • Built a dashboard for a US mortgage solutions company integrating data from several sources.

  • Delivered a Performance Dashboard to track Digital Process Re-engineering efforts for a Global FinTech firm. 

  • Designed a bespoke OKR Dashboard to track Digital Engineering, Operations and Risk using process level metrics for completion, accuracy and timeliness and synthesizing into instruments for Objective level performance insights. 

Manish Bio Anchor

Manish Thareja is a Partner at CLR80 and leads our Valuation and Performance practice. He is a successful asset management professional with broad experience in capital markets, risk management, strategy and business development.


He has a strong quantitative, analytical and underwriting background with experience in origination, due diligence, risk analysis, legal review, and credit committee presentations on asset-backed private debt transactions as well as deal execution and risk management of capital raising transactions for financial and industrial clients across, structured finance, securitization, consumer receivables, distressed debt, insurance, and reinsurance. 


As a director and vice president for a global bond insurer, he played a vital role in launching a successful aircraft residual value insurance business in 2016, which generated $20M+ in revenues on a $400M+ aircraft portfolio over 3 years. He also managed credit risk on a $3B+ student loan portfolio with a focus on mitigating and eliminating losses for distressed transactions through remediation and restructuring. 


His digital experience includes advisor, cross-functional project leadership, design & implementation for IT service management processes for the Office of CIO for a global FinTech firm.  Manish has worked with product engineers to design, develop, test, deploy and train users on proprietary capital markets models for mortgage and investment banks.

Manish has earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from Florida Institute of Technology and is a CFA charter holder.  

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