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Bespoke Framework to drive Strategy Execution, Process Engineering and OKR based Performance; Processes Re-Engineered for High Reliability, Measured Outcomes and Risk Management Assurance

Digital Process Engineering



Global FinTech company operates a Captive Finance and Platform as a Service business. One third of roadmap executed for a Strategic Transformation into a Digital Platform company.

We helped this Client:

  • Perform a strategic Digital Process assessment across Strategic, Execution, Engineering, Operations, and Performance Management

  • Select process improvement and automation design opportunities to improve process accuracy, reliability, and efficiency.

  • Execute Process Engineering and Performance Management for several digital processes. 



  • 11 Objectives (at risk)

  • 10 Risk Characteristics

  • 42 Digital Processes


Processes Engineered

  • 50% of Framework/ 21 Digital Processes across Architecture, Engineering, Operations, Data Management and Compliance 

  • (Re)-Engineered to a Repeatable, Reliable & Measurable State


  • 30% of Framework adopted by Digital workforce

  • Process as a product and re-engineering roadmap developed for target state  



Objectives (O) (at Risk) across Digital Strategy, Engineering, Operations, Security, Financial Management and GRC



Risk Characteristics applied to 11 Objectives


Digital Processes


Key Results (KRs) per Process


OKR Process Instruments with Metrics synthesized for Completeness, Timeliness, Accuracy, Integrity; Additional OKR Instruments designed for Platform, Service and Product Insights

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