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Resilient Security


Engage CLR80 for your Digital Security needs. 


All security engagements are led by Principals with decades of experience in Cybersecurity, Identity, Privacy, and Risk and real world expertise in designing and operating highly resilient secure digital infrastructure. 


Create reliable engineering and platform infrastructure and capability using reference architectures and accelerators for cloud security, threat modeling, application development, operations support, systems integration and implementation, program and policy development, and, deliver secure and assured customer experiences and business outcomes across enterprise platforms, services, products, infrastructure and operations.


Whether you select a bespoke Engagement or use Secure Architecture Sprints, you will identify how to shift your enterprise to the next-level of secure digital infrastructure


CLR80 frameworks and methods are designed to be fast paced, action oriented, immersive experiences for design and decision leaders. 


Create a secure architecture and strategy with a clear plan of action and success criteria to drive reliable and resilient operations.  


RAMP UP                 2 weeks

SECURE DESIGN   2 weeks +

HAND OFF              1 week

Bespoke engagements are suitable for complex needs or firms in the early stages of digital security maturation. Sprints deliver high quality outcomes in iterations using a compressed time frame.  In both delivery methods you will:​​


Develop an actionable digital security strategy and architecture using CLR80 security frameworks, assessment tools, reference architectures and accelerators.  


Assess secure development, infrastructure and operations by applying our incisive digital  security tools or study your security architecture readiness in the context of a digital business or design and re-imagine secure digital products, services and customer experiences. 


Profile your enterprise security maturity using our standards based assessment tools and determine engagement scope and context. Prepare a framework customized for your specific needs and aspirations. 


Experience immersive workshops with risk, security and operations decision leaders to review and apply our tools to assess alternatives, examine architecture decisions, prepare a secure infrastructure plan of action and agree outcomes and metrics.

Digital Security

CLR80 Security Architecture Principals will:

  • Help you identify how digital capabilities can deliver value for your customers and enterprise. 


  • Work with you to apply a CLR80 assessment and framing tools to help you create an extensible strategic assessment framework for your enterprise. 


  • Guide your analysis and choices to define value creation opportunities and make choices. 


  • Assist in forecasting outcomes, defining success criteria and preparing a strategic execution plan and with an accompanying security architecture roadmap.

  • Prepare and deliver a toolkit inclusive of assessments, decisions and action plans for monitoring, re-application and maintenance. 


  • Offer you high quality execution related services and support through our Delivery Partners. 


  • Be available for executive support past the completion of a Sprint or Engagement . 


  • Check in with you on a mutually agreeable schedule to support your strategic execution plan , security architecture roadmap or address any additional needs. 

Security Delivered

Illustrative Engagements  

  • Delivered cybersecurity architecture, agile cloud security architecture, solution pattern designs, and threat modeling for several Fortune 500 firms, including a major health spending account provider, a top-5 credit card issuer, and leading insurance companies.

  • Cybersecurity Strategy & Program Assessments for the largest commodities exchange in North America, a major credit card issuer, several major manufacturers, the largest healthcare system in the State of New York, the largest long term acute care health provider in the US, and several public sector clients including US State, US Federal, and Canadian Federal agencies. 

  • Cybersecurity Technology and Reference Architectures for several public sector clients, the largest Canadian energy producer, and the largest commodities exchange in North America.

  • Identity & Access Management Strategy & Architecture projects for a variety of top 100 financial services institutions, a variety of US Federal and Canadian Federal agencies, and several commercial enterprises such as a leading women's apparel manufacturer and a top-5 consumer goods manufacturer.

  • Privacy Policy & Governance Strategies for several non-governmental organizations (NGO) sanctioned under the U.N., as well as several commercial enterprises.

Dan Bio Anchor

Dan Beckett is a CLR80 Partner.  He leads our Security and virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) Services in helping Boards and Executive Officers frame, execute and deliver Secure Digital Architecture and highly Resilient Engineering and Infrastructure capabilities. 

Dan's domain expertise across Cybersecurity, Identity, Privacy, and Risk, includes cloud security, threat modeling, application development, operations support, systems integration and implementation, program and policy development, strategic consulting, and training.. 


He has led some of the largest Identity Management and Cybersecurity consulting projects in North America and Europe, spanning Public and Private Sector in industries including Financial Services, Life Sciences, Health Care, Higher Education, High Tech, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Real Estate.

Dan holds a pending patent for a password-less authentication method currently under development and has served as adjunct professor at Michigan State University, teaching and developing the security architecture curriculum for the Department of Telecommunications.  His thought leadership include methodologies, white papers and articles for clients, industry associations and trade publications.  

Meet Your Advisor

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