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Engineering that is


Engage CLR80 for best in class Digital Engineering.

Mature business capabilities through re-engineering and re-imagining customer and user journeys and processes.

Create cross platforms Omni-channel, Adaptive Customer and User Experiences.

Engagements are led by Principals, with decades of experience in designing and delivering best in class customer and user experiences.


CLR80 Engineering solutions and methods are Agile, Adaptive, Accessible, and enable seamless Data integration. Our engineers apply contemporary Digital capabilities for Design, Engineering, Data Analytics, Automation, Machine Learning along with Reliable, Scalable and Secure Infrastructure. We bring experience and expertise in Cloud, Hybrid and On-Prem infrastructure.


Whether you select a bespoke engagement or use strategy sprints, CLR80's engineering solutions will empower you to achieve successful digital transformation.


RAMP UP       2   weeks

ENGINEER     2   weeks +

HAND OFF    1   week

Bespoke engagements work best for well defined needs or firms in the very early stages of their digital journey. Engineering Sprints leverage CLR80 accelerators and frameworks to enable  fast paced Digital outcomes. In both delivery methods you will:


Build comprehensive solutions using CLR80 engineering expertise, accelerators and frameworks.


Reliably migrate legacy systems and transform into a contemporary Digital stack - Services, Data Integration and Platforms.


Apply the most contemporary user experience (UX) trends with reliable backend, hosting, quality, and security solutions using Agile DevOps methods.


Acquire insights into (re) engineering opportunities and commit to a solution strategy.

Digital Engineering

CLR80 Engineering Principals will:

  • Help you build a comprehensive platform that uses premium tools - applying ML to solve complex problems. 


  • Use data integration and analytics to gather valuable insights on your customers - develop an effective user experience. 


  • Implement agile methodologies to promote collaboration and continuous improvement. 


  • Ensure development of cross-platform, end-to-end web and mobile applications - enabling an omnichannel experience.

  • Leverage tools like Jenkins and Ansible to automate continuous integration, and continuous delivery processes. 


  • Enable you to successfully implement a DevOps ecosystem that is cloud agnostic, and can work on both the cloud and on premise with ease.


  • Be available for executive support past the completion of a Sprint or Engagement. 


  • Check-in with you on a mutually agreeable schedule to ensure continued satisfaction with your engineering solutions and keep you updated with the latest trends and Digital possibilities.

Engineering Delivered

Illustrative Engagements  

  • Delivered transformative Digital Engineering solutions and innovations to a variety of companies ranging from start-ups to global enterprises.   Designed and delivered products, services, platforms, efficiency and growth through full-stack implementations (backend, infrastructure, platforms,  auto-scalability, high-availability and security)  as well as fixed-scope interventions.

  • Delivered Digital Governance and DevOps capabilities for an urban governance platform implementation covering 90% of citizen transactions for one of the world's largest economies. 

  • Delivered a test automation platform for one of India's leading government banks to automate functional testing, performance testing, security testing.

  • Developed a high accuracy natural language query solution for US Regulated firms' public reported data using NLP and Google ML Suite

  • Automated construction project management solutions for one of the largest Australian Steel companies including CRM, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Finance and product management.

  • Delivered a high-performance interactive dashboard for a global Renewable Energy company, showing 1000s of signals received real-time from the SCADA systems.   

  • Delivered a Media Intelligence capability on top of our own proprietary AI platform to help client Agencies effectively run campaigns for their clients' Brands by identifying the most suitable and effective Influencers for the given category of products.

  • Created an end-to-end policy management solution to automate and simplify workflows, process transaction and customize processes for an Insurance Platform company.  

  • Built a Digital User Access and Inventory Management for a large Pharma company to facilitate enhanced command, control, compliance and assurance for access to any device and facility.  Features included role based access, Custom & Configurable workflow, Approval Delegation and Audit trails and reports.

We work with contemporary technology including these and many many more...

Engineering Stack.png
Alok Bio Anchor

Alok Ranjan is a CLR80 Partner and the co-founder and Managing Director of WTT, our India based Engineering firm.  He leads our Partners and Principals in delivering Engineering services that leverage the latest design thinking and lead to outstanding Digital Customer and User experiences.   

Alok's Digital Engineering  expertise includes Microservices, DevOps, ExtJS, Angular, React, ReactNative, and Flutter.  Alok leads the WTT product engineering team and has defined  and shaped technology products and platforms that have had a meaningful and measurable client and user impact. 


Alok leads his teams and client initiatives with the belief that “A winning customer helps you win”. 

Alok has earned a Bachelor in Technology degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology at Delhi and is a prolific thought leader in all aspects of Digital Engineering. 

Meet Your Advisor

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